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Hello, and thank you for visiting Wow the Home. Your source for all things home decor and more. Our passion stems from the desire in all of us to create an inviting living space. In today’s world, anyone can be a home interior enthusiast with a little inspiration. That said, we like to think a picture is worth a thousand ideas. We hope that our how-to guides, idea pages and inspirational photos help achieve all your home improvement goals. From finding that perfect furniture piece, to the ultimate home makeover.

Whether it’s an iconic, timeless piece your after. Or a unique custom made item from Etsy, our curated lists of furniture pieces covers a range of styles and budgets. Thoughtfully created, every buying guide here considers over 15-30 retailers to help you find that perfect furniture piece in a heartbeat. You’ll be glad to know we periodically keep our pages updated with fresh content and products in an ever-changing landscape.

So, welcome to WowtheHome, where it’s easy to create a little wow-factor in the home!