28 Italian Leather Couches You’ll Love

October 2022


By: WowtheHome Editorial Staff

Updated | October 12, 2022

One of the most sought-after types of furniture is a supple soft Italian leather couch. They’re easy to maintain, developing a beautiful patina that lasts many years. Our collection showcases some of the best Italian leather couches you can buy, no bonded or faux leather sofas here, as our carefully curated collection excludes all imitation fabrics. We do have a collection exclusive only to faux leather sofas here.

Our list considers a range of styles and price points, selecting 28 couches from over 15 furniture retailers. Everything from Italian sectional leather sofas to living room sets. Let’s have a look at the top 28 picks for 2022.

Top 11 Italian Leather Couches

Italian Leather Couch – Horchow


  • Size: 93″W x 37″D x 31″H
  • Color Options: 10+
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: French Dark Cherry finish, thick leather couch

In true vintage style, this Chesterfield sofa retains all the fine points of the Edwardian originals that have inspired it. Its sheltering arms and deep tufted upholstery are synonymous with comfort, perfect for curling up next to a fireplace for a good read.

This Italian leather couch from Horchow is encased in French Dark Cherry leather, gradually developing an heirloom-in-the-making patina. Crafted from a solid maple wood frame, it rests upon bun feet in matching dark cherry finish.

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32 Amazing Mid Century Modern Sofas

Italian Sectional Leather Sofa – Wayfair


  • Size: 114″W x 86″D x 37″H
  • Color Options: 10
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: adjustable head cushions, select from left or right-facing, 100% top grain leather sofa

Modern, sleek and chic, this stunning sectional sofa by Wade Logan is unmistakably now. This 100% top grain leather sofa is crafted with high density foam and a web suspension, making for posh padding and a cozy seating arrangement.

This Italian sectional leather sofa deserves merit due to its quality selection of upholstery, namely its genuine Italian leather upholstery. Select from a variety of colors, and the option of choosing between left-hand or right-hand facing orientation. The perfect centerpiece for your modern living space with its subtle curves and slim lines, it blends contemporary appeal with simple sophistication.

Genuine Italian Leather Sofa – CB2


  • Size: 96″W x 33″D x 26″H
  • Color Options: 2
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: low-profile, modern tuxedo design, Italian leather couch

From mid-century modern to contemporary, the Kotka from CB2 can be married with a variety of design aesthetics. This low-profile, tuxedo arm couch can make for a nice addition to modern industrial themed spaces.

It features buttery soft, 100% real genuine leather with natural markings and vintage inspired block feet. These Italian style couches measure 96″ wide and is 33″ in depth, with a super low height of 26″, exhibiting a sleek minimalist look. Perfect for when you need to add an air of vintage class and character to a space.

Rustic Farmhouse Tray

Get the look of a vintage coffee table tray with one of these hand-made serving trays from Etsy. With so many wood finish & handle options to choose from, scoring a custom tailored item to perfectly match decor is a breeze.


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Top Grain Italian Leather Sectional – West Elm


  • Size: 108″W x 89″D x 31.5″H
  • Color Options: 10+
  • Fabric Options: 2
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: super-soft padded seating, deep seated sofa, available in vegan or top-grain leather

Bristling in chic comfort, the Haven 2-Piece Chaise Sectional Sofa from West Elm is a deep seated sectional sofa with an exceptional level of softness. It adheres to any seating space in simple sophistication. Available in either left or right-hand facing, the down alternative cushions deliver plush comfort that’s superior to others.

Concealed support legs are removable giving you a sleek look. This top grain Italian leather sectional is upholstered in supple leather with your choice of semi or full-aniline dyed upholstery. It measures at 108″ wide and comes in an array of different hues to choose from. White-glove delivery is included with this top grain Italian leather sectional.

Thick Leather Couch – Pottery Barn


Size: 68.5-109″W x 43.5″D x 35″H

  • Color Options: 10+
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: highly customizable with plethora of options, full grain leather sofa

Blending comfort and a high level of quality, these thick leather couches from Pottery Barn are a savvy investment for your abode. With cloud-like comfort from its deep seats and high back, it features hypo-allergenic down-blend cushions. They lend a cushy spot to curl up and get cozy on this full grain, real leather sofa.

Fully encased in full-grain pure aniline dyed leather for a supple texture and superior durability. This well-built product will last for years to come.

Genuine Italian Leather Living Room Set


  • Size: 84″W x 38.5″D x 36″H
  • Color Options: 1
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: removable seat and back cushions, top grain leather sofa

Birch Lane is home to an assortment of well-made furniture and decor and these genuine Italian leather sofas are no exception. A remarkable deal for those seeking quality leather on a budget. This 3-piece set includes an 84″ sofa and 62″ loveseat, along with matching ottoman, all encased in top-grain leather.

Dyed in a subtle shade of neutral gray, its ideal for those looking for a laid-back tone for their living quarters. Rolled-arms with nail-head trim and tapered block feet round out a traditional aesthetic for this genuine Italian leather living room set. Perched atop a solid hardwood frame for durability, it features removable back and seat cushions to make routine cleaning a walk in the park.

Italian Sectional Leather Sofa – Wayfair


  • Size: 138″W x 120″D x 39″H
  • Color Options: 5
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection:  –

Features: Italian style couches with adjustable headrests, storage compartment, cup holders

Ideal for large modern spaces, this seating arrangement can perfectly accommodate gatherings for movie nights or cocktail parties. These Italian style couches feature an armrest with a storage compartment and cup-holders to keep living room essentials in a handy location.

Appointed with an adjustable reclining seat and adjustable headrests, nice to have due to the sectional sofa having a low height on the back rests. At 138″ wide by 120″ deep, this Italian style sectional sofa can comfortably seat a group of 5-6 adults.

Genuine Leather Sofa – Wayfair Furniture


  • Size: 101.25″W x 44.5″D x 28″H
  • Color Options: 2
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: deep seated sofa, low-profile, 2-yr warranty

This deep seated sofa by Union Rustic has a width of 101″ for extra-wide berth. It seats 4 in comfort and does indeed come in two colors (separate listings), vintage brown, and a lighter tan brown.

Not mentioned on the listing is that the upholstery does appear to be slightly aged and distressed. One reviewer comments, “Beautiful baseball glove worn leather is partly broke in and has a smooth warm feel”. A 2-year warranty does come included with this stunning genuine leather sofa.

Real Leather Sofa – Hooker Furniture


  • Size: 85″W x 40.5″D x 39″H
  • Color Options: 2
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: power reclining sofa w/ power headrests & power lumbar, 2 USB charging ports, Bluetooth smartphone control

Sit and lay in superior comfort and style with this real leather sofa set from Hooker Furniture. Available in red or brown, it features a host of powered seat optimizations. Including, 3 reclining angles, power lumbar, head adjustments, and it will even lay practically flat, all with a push of a button. There are 2 USB charging ports nestled in the control panel of this power reclining sofa with Bluetooth capability to allow control via smartphone.

What’s nice is that these don’t have the appearance of typical recliners, and instead have a clean modern aesthetic. Being from a renowned brand Hooker Funiture, you know you’re getting a quality piece.

Genuine Italian Leather Sofas – Birch Lane


  • Size: 93″W x 30″D x 39″H
  • Color Options: 6
  • Fabric Options: 2
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: luxurious Italian leather sofa, removable seat cushions & covers

Birch Lane is home to some of the finest pieces on Wayfair and this leather Chesterfield sofa showcases that in masterpiece form. At 95″ in width along with soft down feather blend seating, this 100% cowhide is sure to be a lounge-worthy spot.

A tufted backrest and rolled arms is complemented with removable bun legs made of solid wood for easy delivery and quick assembly. Select from a variety of on-trend colors to perfectly match any interior decor. Included is a 1-year warranty and Wayfair’s 30-day return policy.

Top Grain Leather Sofa – Astoria Grand


  • Size: 94″W x 37″D x 42″H
  • Color Options: 1
  • Fabric Options: 1
  • Part of Collection: Yes

Features: wood trim with ornate details, removable seat cushions, top grain leather sofa

With a timeless look that’s always in style, this leather sofa set by Astoria Grand is brimming in traditional charm. Classic and ornate with its decorative molding and button tufted backrest. This 100% top grain leather sofa includes a sofa and loveseat that’s finished in a dark espresso top-grain leather.

Named Petworth, it’s identical to another set by Astoria Grand named Wentz. The difference being Petworth is a top grain leather sofa and the Wentz is upholstered in a leather match fabric. Unfortunately the Petworth set does not include the matching arm chair, ottoman and chaise lounger.

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FAQ & Guide to Various Types of Leather Furniture

When shopping for Italian style couches and sectional sofas, it helps to have a good knowledge of the various types of leather you can buy. This guide covers key differences in the many labels used to help you find the best product for your needs. If you happen to have sensitive skin, full-grain, pure-aniline dyed leather is perhaps the best choice. It typically has fewer irritants as opposed to those labeled as a genuine leather sofa, leather match and especially faux leather.

* Please do note some products listed and titled on this page as real or genuine may be top-grain, full-grain and so forth. If in doubt, it’s best to contact the retailer/manufacturer on specific details.


What’s the difference between: Full-Grain, Top-Grain, Genuine Leather, Split Leather, and bonded / faux leathers?

There are so many labels and types used that it’s certainly easy to get confused. Here are the most commonly used and a short description outlining key differences.


  • Full-Grain

Although widely regarded as the most durable and highest in quality, it also tends to be the most expensive. Made of the outermost layer of hide, it offers a superior level of durability. Reserved for high-end products, it’s also used for designer bags and other items to carry things. If you want the best leather upholstery, be sure to look for full grain leather sofa on the listing.


  • Top-Grain

More commonly used than full-grain for furniture, it’s flexible and soft to the touch while retaining most of the durability and longevity of full-grain. Due to these characteristics, 100% top grain leather sofa tends to be thinner than full-grain. The tanning process usually involves a light buffing and sanding treatment, which produces a rich, supple feel.


  • Split-Grain / Genuine Leather

In many cases, products seen labeled as “real genuine leather” is actually split-grain. It’s cheaper and lower in quality than the aforementioned types. The top layer is “split” from the surface, and usually has an artificial layer applied which is embossed with a leather grain.


  • Bonded/Faux

Lastly, bonded leather is made of leftover scrap that is shredded to a pulp. These shreds are then bonded together with a latex or polyurethane sheet. The amount of leather fibers in the mix can vary anywhere from 10% to 90%.  Faux products on the other handed are usually 100% polyurethane, 100% vinyl, or a combination of the two.


What’s the most durable and longest lasting leather sofas?

In general, top-grain and full-grain, depending on the dying method (more on that below). Because of full-grain’s high cost, furniture manufacturers typically opt for more affordable alternatives. Top-grain and split-grain are more commonly used for a leather sectional.


What’s the most comfortable leather sofa?

For most people, full-grain and top-grain, and even genuine italian leather sofas that are pure-aniline dyed for their hypo-allergenic benefits. Some have a sanding and buffing treatment, offering a supple feel to its texture. You may be surprised to find it’s actually quite breathable, being much cooler than synthetic products such as faux (vinyl). It’s also remarkably warmer than many other fabrics due to its insulating properties. Because the tanning process involves minimal impurities, pure-aniline dyed is regarded as best for those with sensitive skin.

There are of course other underlying factors such as other materials used. Particularly, in the seat and back cushions and whether it is a sectional sofa or not. Hypo-allergenic down feathers, high-quality foam, eight-way hand-tied suspension, etc.


What are full-aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented leathers?

There are generally three methods in which the leather has been either dyed or dyed and then pigmented.


  • Full-Aniline or Pure-aniline dyed

It’s the most natural process and often referred to as Pure Aniline or Full Aniline. The process involves adding color with a water-soluble dye without insoluble pigments. It’s generally seen only with full-grain leathers. However, it does tend to stain and mark more easily than those treated semi-aniline. Those with severe skin sensitivity should look for this type of dye process on the label.


  • Semi-Aniline dyed

In contrast, semi-aniline dyed leathers contain a light amount of pigment. This process adds a thin protective coat which resists scratches and stains. It’s mostly used and best suited for top-grain leathers. Those with high traffic households and pets may opt for this type to keep their sofas looking new.


  • Pigmented

As with the two aforementioned types, it’s dyed completely through the hide, and then a layer of protective topcoat which includes pigments is added. However, it does this at the expense of reducing the deep rich color and luxurious feel you’ll find with full-aniline and semi-aniline dyed leathers. Those with severe skin allergies may want to look for better options with upholstery.

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