Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 1st, 2021

Effective May 1st, 2021

This Privacy Policy (“policy”) has been developed to guide how the (“website”) discloses, collects, maintains and uses information. The contents of this policy cover all services and products offered by the website.


Non-personal Identification Information

When a user accesses the website, we may automatically retrieve their non-personal identification information. The information referred to includes data that a computer and web browser sends to the website.

This data may include:

• internet service provider
• internet protocol address
• the operating system
• the web browser
• the web browser settings
• web page requests
• time on a web page
• date and time of visit
• cookie data



Our website uses “cookies” which are text-only pieces of information that are transferred to a user’s computer or web browser for record-keeping purposes and to remember information that will help make using the website more convenient. When we use cookies, we may use “session” cookies that last until the web browser is closed or “persistent” cookies that last until the user or web browser deletes them. Cookies may be used for marketing, tracking referrals and collecting analytics data. If you do not want us to place cookies on your computer or web browser, you are responsible for blocking our use of cookies through your computer and web browser settings.


Use of Collected Information

Information that is collected on the website will be used for:

Personalizing the user experience: The information we collect on the website is used to track and analyze user behavior in regards to our products and services.

Website improvement: This information helps us improve the products and services we offer on our website.


Sharing Your Personal Information

Your personal identification information is important to us and we do our best to protect it and ensure that it is not sold, traded or rented to another. The user may or may not be alerted when this information is collected and used. Further, the owner of this website assures its users it does not sell, trade or rent a user’s personal information.


Third Party Websites

Links to other sites will appear on our website. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those other sites. The rules, terms and privacy policies that those sites operate by are not controlled or determined by It is up to the user to find out what the third party rules, terms and privacy policies include.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

We have the right to alter any information on this policy. It is the user’s responsibility to check the policy to identify any changes that have been made to it.


Terms of Use

Users are expected to be in agreement with and read the (Terms of Use) of the website.


Your Acceptance of These Terms

Once you access our website, we assume that you have read through the terms of this policy and agree to them. If you are in disagreement with some or all the contents of this policy, please do not use the website. There will be no other proof of acceptance of the terms of this policy other than access and use of our website.